Opening up a new, but old chapter in 2021

Plying together personal passions and technology in a new year

Novel Interactive started as a company for Ashley and I to use to consolidate our independent contracting efforts in 2017. Back then, we had two clients and a very full plate. There were then, and still are now, ambitions of working on some of our own apps and products as part of long term entrepreneurial endeavours. 
By Paul Bonneville
Life happens, and you can easily find yourself heading in a different direction. In 2018 one of our clients, Mediation Studio, sold their app we to another company, Interaxon. A job opportunity arose with the sale the company and I decided to take it while Ashley continued to service contracts through Novel. I took up a full-time position and shelved some of my grander ambitions, knowing I'd come back to them at some point in the future. 

I am still working full-time with that company I joined back in 2018 and continue to learn a lot while at the same time make significant contributions to the company as their Principal Developer. I'm also constantly learning new things in my role there and am continuing to use almost every part of my 24+ years of experience as a developer and architect. As long as I am building and learning, while also being able to do my part to hold corporate-ish culture at bay (when and where I can 😁), I am happy to be part of that team.

All that aside though, I have not for one moment ever been able to let go of the idea of someday getting back to working on some of the projects that Ashley and I have started over the years. For the time being, a full-time job limits my desire to try and manage and extra contracts in my off hours, but it does not limit my interest in dusting off some of the apps, both mobile and web, that have stalked my imagination for almost ten years now.

And so, here we are. 2021. A new year, a new mindset from surviving 2020, and a drive to get back to building something we can call our own. 

I started dusting off a few old projects and initiatives in late November 2020 and have been at it ever since. First was dusting off this website. Next in line was reviving an old Ruby on Rails project I was calling an 'aggregated research repository' to help with market research and domain knowledge management. Then there is entering into a new subdomain of connected device technology centered around digital healthcare and medical devices. Last but not least, our Recipe Studio app. 

The end game is still the same as it always was for us: find a place to ply together our personal passions and technology and leave our little mark on the world, adding some positive experiences to people's lives along the way.
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