Modern Applications for a Connected World

Technology moves at an exponentially increasing rate. We build applications that keep your company up to speed.

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Mobile Apps

Whether it's fully native, cross-platform, proof-of-concept, or a minimally viable product (MVP), we can help you implement a timely and cost-effective approach to mobile app development that fits your business needs.


We build full-stack, responsive websites and web applications. Using technologies that balance cutting edge with proven performance, guided directly by your business objectives, we'll empower you with the right knowledge and tools to make your project a success.

Connected Devices

Connected devices, such as wearables or Smart Home products, typically require multiple web and mobile apps that run on or communicate with various software and hardware platforms. Leverage our experience with multi-vendor custom connected device and Internet of Things (IoT) platform engineering teams to help coordinate and streamline your customer-facing application development.

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Opening up a new, but old chapter in 2021
Plying together personal passions and technology in a new year

Novel Interactive started as a company for Ashley and I to use to consolidate our independent contracting efforts in 2017. Back then, we had two clients and a very full plate. There were then, and still are now, ambitions of working on some of our own apps and products as part of long term entrepreneurial endeavours. 

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